Ajax Mine Project

Type:Typical EA Process (Active and Complete)Status:Under Review

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Under Review >> Application and Supporting Studies


Application Main Report received January 18, 2016

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Cover and Citation 471 KBPDF
Table of Contents 459 KBPDF
Preface 65 KBPDF
Executive Summary 4,443 KBPDF
Resume (En Francais) 4,412 KBPDF
Acknowledgements 118 KBPDF
Table of Concordance 698 KBPDF
Table of Contents 459 KBPDF
Acronyms Abbreviations 143 KBPDF
Glossary 95 KBPDF
Ch01_Purpose of Application Environmental Impact Statement 94 KBPDF
Ch02_Project Overview 4,997 KBPDF
Ch03_Detailed Project Description 28,337 KBPDF
Ch04_Assessment Process 1,241 KBPDF
Ch05_Effects Assessment Methodology 1,414 KBPDF
Ch06_Assessment of Potential Environmental Effects - Part 1 32,192 KBPDF
Ch06_Assessment of Potential Environmental Effects - Part 2 37,610 KBPDF
Ch07_Assessment of Potential Economic Effects 10,317 KBPDF
Ch08_Assessment of Potential Social Effects 34,928 KBPDF
Ch09_Assessment of Potential Heritage Effects 6,917 KBPDF
Ch10_Assessment of Potential Health Effects 22,596 KBPDF
Ch11_Summary of Proposed Environmental and Operational Management Plans 27,411 KBPDF
Ch12_Background and Aboriginal Groups Settings 9,725 KBPDF
Ch13_Aboriginal Interests Rights and Title 1,564 KBPDF
Ch14_Other Potential Effects on Aboriginal Interests 378 KBPDF
Ch15_Procedural Aspects of Aboriginal Consultation 470 KBPDF
Ch16_Summary Aboriginal Interests 169 KBPDF
Ch17_Federal Environmental Assessment Requirements 32,984 KBPDF
Ch18_Summary and Conclusions 379 KBPDF
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