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Report: Wellhead Protection Area Lost Shoe Creek Aquifer District of Ucluelet, BC

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The assessment was completed for the Lost Shoe Creek Aquifer located in the Alberni Clayquot Regional District. Previous wellhead protection work used the fixed radius or simplified analytical methods to define the wellhead protection area. The purpose of this study was to reassess the existing WHPA using more refined methods. Includes pump test data, area map showing 3, 6 and 9 month capture zones and recommendations for a management plan. District of Ucluelet, 13 pp., NTS Map 092F04

Author:  EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Date Published:  Mar 2002

Report ID:  16572

Audience:  Government and Public

EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. (EBA) was retained by Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. (KAEL) on behalf of the District of Ucluelet (DOU) to reassess the wellhead protection area (WHPA) for their well field located within the Lost Shoe Creek Aquifer (LSCA) in the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) of British Columbia. Previous wellhead protection work completed for the LSCA used either arbitrary fixed radius or simplified analytical methods to define the wellhead protection area. The purpose of this study was to reassess the existing WHPA using more refined methods to allow for the better management and protection of the DOU water supply. EBA has used a combination of analytical methods and hydrogeological mapping to reassess the WHPA for the DOU well field. Based on the findings of this study, EBA would like to emphasise the following conclusions: 1) The LSCA is very transmissive and has moderate hydraulic gradients in the vicinity of the DOU well field. This results in high groundwater flow velocity, which can transport contaminants to the water supply source in very short periods of time (e.g. weeks or months). 2) Due to the high groundwater flow velocities, the area defined for wellhead protection extends to the edge of the LSCA and the entire area is considered to be a Zone 1 or high-risk zone. The DOU well field is considered at risk from bacteriological and direct chemical contamination. 3) In the event of a spill within the WHPA, there will be very little time to react before the contaminant enters the groundwater flow system and is able to travel to the well field. Accordingly, aggressive management and monitoring within the WHPA are required. 4) EBA has updated the inventory of potential areas of concern within the WHPA and has identified the areas that have potentially hazardous materials and site activities. They are located within a 3-month travel time distance to the primary source of water supply for the District ofUcluelet. The identified areas of concern are: Mainroad Contracting Yard (septic field, fuel and chemical storage, salt storage), the gravel pit operations (potential spills of fuel from heavy equipment), sanitary waste disposal fields from the house adjacent to Mainroad Contracting and the tourist pullout and the highway corridor with its risk of accidents or other activities that could result in spills or discharges to the environment. EBA recommends that the DOU review the list of recommended management options that EBA has provided and work to implementing an action plan with the objective to protect the well field and the DOD drinking water supply.

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  Region - Vancouver Island
  Water Information - Groundwater
  Water Information - Hydrometric / Hydrology
  Water Information - Water Management
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