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Report: Water Source Assessment Study for Electoral Area E in the District of Nanaimo

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The report provides a water source assessment of both groundwater and surface water availability for drinking water use in Electoral Area E within the Regional District of Nanaimo. The main task was to investigate the hydrogeology to develop additional groundwater sources and to assess the present existing higher capacity wells to determine their conditions and whether programs and procedures could be developed to obtain more water and to improve water quality. RDN, 46 pp., NTS Map 092F08

Author:  Lowen Hydrogeology Consulting Ltd.

Date Published:  May 2007

Report ID:  16676

Audience:  Government and Public

The drinking water source assessment covered by this report was carried out more or less in accordance with our proposal dated June 29, 2007. This report presents the results of the office and field investigations which were conducted during the period July to November 2007. The scope of work covered by the desktop investigation included the following: 1) To review information on the Nanaimo Bay Peninsula Water Service Area, from various existing reports which were prepared by PHCL, LHCL and other consultants. 2) To review, compile and analyze the historical manual operational data from the Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area in Electoral Area E. The data include the monthly water production and use of all the RDN production wells and the manual static and pumping water level measurements. The data have been collected by RDN staff. 3) To review, compile and analyze the automatic water level datalogger measurements of several major wells from years 2003/04 to 2007. Automatic water level dataloggers have been installed since 2003/2004 in Madrona Well No. 4, Nanoose Wells No. 3 and 6, all three Fairwinds Wells and in West Bay Well No. 3. The dataloggers are set to measure water levels in these aforementioned wells at 30-minute intervals. 4) To review and evaluate the water license records and the information on surface water use in Electoral Area E. The review and evaluation were carried out by Mr. George Bryden, P. Eng. Under a sub-contract with PHCL. 5) To review and evaluate all available water well records on file in the ministry of Environment (MOE) office, including records of the RDN water supply wells and test holes/ wells. 6) To interpret aerial photography covering Electoral Area E. Alone with the office review, information provided by the following investigations have also been essential in carrying out the study. 1) Field reconnaissance on August 10 and 11, 2007, to obtain additional information on the general topography of the study area and the advantages/ disadvantages of each possible well site ever the other sites, based in site geology, road access, infrastructure cost, etc. 2) Telephone discussions with Mr. Norm Burow, Chief Operator of Utilities for the RDN, about operating procedures of the RDN water systems, experiences with the wells, and other historical information. 3) Telephone discussions with Mr. Jim Bailey, L.H.G.R.G., Well Services Director of Kleinfelder Inc., Bellevue, WA, about the redevelopment of several RDN production wells, and requests of additional data from brief pump tests carried out at the time of redevelopment. Background information for the presentation of this report, includes the correspondence and letters covering the period July to November 2007, along with miscellaneous information and published and unpublished documents, contained in PHCL and LHCL files covering past work ion groundwater exploration of the area. Figure 1 in Appendix A (Page A - 1), is a portion of four 1:20, 000 scale TRIM Map Sheets which covers the study area and shows the approximate locations of the RDN production wells and the locations of several private wells which are considered of interest for this study. Also included in Appendix A are two hydrogeological cross-sections on Figures 2 and 3, illustrating our interpretation of the surficial geology of the areas identified by this study as having the most potential for groundwater source development. Figure 4 (Page A - 4), is a portion of the 1:50, 000 scale N.T.S. map Sheet which shows the areas of groundwater potential and some geologic features.

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  Surface Water
  Region - Vancouver Island
  Water Information - Groundwater
  Water Information - Hydrometric / Hydrology
  Water Information - Restoration
  Water Information - Water Management
  Water Information - Water Quality
  Water Information - Water Supply

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