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Report: Ecological relationships between Grizzly bears and forest management in the coastal-interior transition of British Columbia. 2007 and 2008 Reports.06.W.BrG05, 07.W.BRG.03

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This report summarizes the second field season of a multi-year, multi-partner study to collect detailed data on the movements and habitat use of grizzly bears in the Cayoosh and Whitecap study areas near Lillooet.

Author:  Landscope Consulting Services; Senger, S.; Hamilton, T.; McLellan, M.

Old Reference Number:  06.W.BrG05, 07.W.BRG.03

Old Reference System:  FWCP Fish Wildlife Compensation Program - Coastal

Date Published:  Mar 2007

Report ID:  37442

Audience:  Government and Public

The objectives of this project are: Objective 1: The primary objective is to provide an empirical basis for evaluating current Grizzly bear/forestry guidelines. This necessitates the identification of critical bear habitats and movement behaviors that are also of interest to the restoration activities related to the hydroelectric facilities in the Lillooet area. The data will enhance the quality of resource decisions related to Grizzly bears and will empower decision-makers to employ practical adaptive management approaches (e.g. by applying and monitoring special silvicultural practices to maintain Grizzly bear forage supply at a landscape level). The end result will be greater certainty in planning and decision making for results-based forest management, and healthier Grizzly bear populations. Objective 2: The project will promote more effective and efficient use of forest resources by ensuring that timber netdowns for Grizzly bear habitat are applied only where necessary to meet population-wide or site-specific objectives. Objective 3: The project will improve forest practices as they pertain to Grizzly bear conservation, thus potentially increasing market acceptability and market share through provision of a successful model of multiple-use. Empirical information specific to current best management practices and monitoring of appropriate population and habitat targets will enable certification by demonstrating sound species conservation and science-based management practices in a sustainable, adaptive management framework. Objective 4: The project will examine historic information about Grizzly bear habitat and populations in the study area with the specific objective of setting appropriate population recovery targets and the potential for mitigative habitat restoration. An understanding current habitat quality, quantity and distribution (as demonstrated by collared animals and examined using habitat mapping) will be used to set the stage for subsequent habitat restoration planning. The focus will be on the change in habitat supply created by the construction of the Terzaghi and LaJoie dams on the Bridge River. Objective 5: Although the project is centred in the Lillooet area, inferences and products will have broader utility throughout the coastal-interior transition in southern BC. Results will be made available to a wide range of users through continued multi-stakeholder involvement in project oversight, and development of products directed by a comprehensive extension plan that includes guidelines, public presentations and peer-reviewed publication.

Report Type
  Fish and Aquatic Habitat Information
  Mammals - Carnivores
  Mammals - Grizzly Bear: Ursus arctos
  Region - Lower Mainland
  Terrestrial Information - Habitat Monitoring

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