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Salmon River Nutrient Enrichment for Fish Habitat Restoration: 2004
Sandford, Jeff
From June 8 to September 17, 2004, inorganic fertilizer was added to the Salmon River (Kelsey Bay), Grilse Creek, and the Memekay River for the enhancement of winter-run steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and coho (O. kisutch). A total of 2,416 L (11.6 barrels) of liquid fertilizer, ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-0), was dispensed through five drip stations: Grilse Creek  310 L, Salmon River near Rock Creek Main Line  624 L, Salmon River at the diversion  548 L, Salmon River at Memekay Main Line bridge crossing  624 L, and the Memekay River  310 L. Fertilizer loading rates were adjusted to changing streamflow throughout the treatment period. Water samples were collected July 8, August 5, and September 6, 2004 and analysed at PSC Analytical Services in Burnaby for low level nitrogen and phosphorus. Juvenile fish were sampling using the electrofishing method at 10 sites within the control and treatment reaches. A new product, providing organic instream nutrients, was tested in the upper Salmon River below Jessie Creek, in 2004. The product was made from organic fish meal (Alaskan pollock), heat-treated to remove pathogens, dried, and pressed into logs. This product was developed under the guidance of Dr. Ken Ashley of the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Fisheries Research Section, Vancouver and experimentally produced by David Murphy of Welcome Harvest Farm Ltd., Saltspring Island. Water samples were collected and analysed for nitrogen and phosphorus, and periphyton was sampled and analysed for chlorophyll a and phaeophytin a.
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Salmon River Nutrient Enrichment Report
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