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Ecosystem Groupings in the Quesnel Forest District & Ecosystem Representaion in the Quesnel Forest District
Wells, Ralph W.
A primary requirement for an evaluation ecological representation is the selection of an ecological classification system. The approach currently used by Canfor is based on aggregation of Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) site series (Huggard 2001; Bunnell et al. 2003; Wells et al. 2004). This approach has the advantage of identifying ecosystem types based on vegetation communities, a finer scale classification then is typically available outside of British Columbia. This project is a continuation of a project initiated for the Quesnel Forest District in 2004  2005 (Wells and Haag 2005) and the revised ecosystem groupings in 2006-2007. Following completion of the Quesnel PEM (this fall) the ecogroupings will be analysed and reviewed by local experts.
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