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Debris Piles , Small Mammal Prey, and Cover Creation of marten Habitat on Clearcuts
Seebacher, Tanya
In January 2009, Timberline Natural Resource Group Ltd. was selected by the Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society (c/o Glen Dick RPF) to conduct quality assurance on the TSA 22 Pine Marten habitat winter snow tracking fieldwork. Tanya Seebacher MSc. was the Timberline employee assigned to this project. The objective of the quality assurance work was to assess whether or not fieldwork was being undertaken according to all applicable standards. The project is located at three areas: Upper Trout Creek (Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.) in the Bald Range (mapsheet 82E 071) 25 km west of Summerland, B.C. in the upper Interior Douglas fir (IDFdk) and Montane Spruce (MSdm) biogeoclimatic zones. The China Valley area (Federated Coop) is in the Fly Hills Resource Management Zone (mapsheet 82L 073), 25 km west of Salmon Arm in the upper Interior Douglas fir (IDFdk) and Montane Spruce (MSdm) subzones, and lower Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICHdk) subzone. The third project area (Tolko Industries Ltd.) is on the Aberdeen Plateau (mapsheet 82L 015), 22 km southeast of Vernon, B.C. in the upper IDFdk and MSdm subzones. In the summer of 2007, winter snow tracking grids were set out in the three study areas within each of three treatment areas: clearcut with piles, clearcut with windrows, clearcut with dispersed debris, and a forested control. The purpose of this document is to present the final quality assurance findings of fieldwork completed in January and March of 2009.
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