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Participatory decision support for sustainable forest management: a framework and tools for planning with local communities at the landscape level
Sheppard, Stephen
This project aims to help improve the effectiveness of public processes in planning, management, and design of sustainable forestry, by contributing to Best Practices for public involvement, more informed decision-making, and public acceptance in forest resource management. The research focuses in particular on contributing to the scientific basis for practical guidelines on 3D landscape visualisation as a uniquely powerful tool for communications, education, analysis, and design, and on using visual imagery to establish scientific thresholds of public acceptance for innovative forest management practices such as variable retention. S.R.J. Sheppard, C.M. Achiam .
Report Number
Deliverable #6 - Public Perceptions
Deliverable #1 - Participatory Decision Support
Literature Review
Deliverable #3 - Experimental Land-Use Planning Information Interface
Deliverable #4 - Design-Based Decision Support Tool
Deliverable #5 - The Digital Workshop
Deliverable #7 - Variable Retention Harvesting
Deliverable #8a - Variable Retention Simulation
Deliverable #8b - Variable Retention Computer Visualizations
Annual Progress Report

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