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Stream and Lake Fertilization in the Nimpkish River Watershed
Pellett, Kevin
The Nimpkish River on northern Vancouver Island has been enriched with nutrients since 2001 as part of a watershed restoration program. In the summer of 2007, six liquid drip stations each added a 2:1 mixture of ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-0) and ammonium nitrate (28-0-0) fertilizer. A total of 9,084 L of fertilizer was applied from June 20 to September 27 at the following sites: Cain Creek ? 946 L, Davie River at Croman bridge crossing ? 1,609 L, Eleaner Road ? 1,325 L, Duncan Pool ? 1,609 L, Powerline Crossing ? 2,366 L and Lower Nimpkish- Branch 12 ? 1,230 L. The maximum nutrient concentrations for enrichment were 2.5 ėg/L of phosphorus and 3.85 ėg/L of nitrogen. Tanks were checked and calibrated approximately once a week throughout the treatment. Water samples were collected from six sites on July 11, July 31 and August 29 and sent to the Pacific Environmental Science Centre for analysis. Slower algae growth was observed in July possibly due to colder water temperatures and higher flows. Moderate to excellent growth within treatment reaches was noted in August when flows dropped and temperatures increased.
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Stream Enrichment in the Nimpkish River Watershed, 2007
Woss and Vernon Lake sockeye salmon nursery lake fertilization program - progress report

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