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AMP and Risk Assessment for the Town and Dickey Watersheds
Interwest Forest Management Ltd
The project is to implement the Town Dickey Creek Community Watershed Restoration Plan in the Lillooet TSA. The plan calls for completion of silviculture surveys of burned areas outside salvage logging areas to assess the natural regeneration, a risk assessment and access management plan of the road and trail system to determine long term deactivation plans, and a updated watershed assessment plan. Silviculture surveys are required for approximately 500 hundred hectares of crown land outside the salvage logging area to determine the amount of natural regeneration and planting prescriptions. Risk Assessment and Access Management Plan for the road and trail system of the Town Dickey drainages must be reassessed for efficacy of current deactivation and to prepare deactivation prescriptions for the non status portions of the road system. The watershed assessment plan for Town Dickey Community watershed requires updating to assess the actual mortality of the timber in the burn and the field collected data on natural regeneration.
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Dickey / Town Access Management Plan
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