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Tweedsmuir Forest Project - Lakes SRMP (inc OGMAs)
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The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) (formerly MSRM) has a mandate to develop legal objectives for biodiversity in the Lakes Timber Supply Area (TSA). MSRM completed a Sustainable Resource Management Plan (SRMP) in June 2003 for the southern part of the Lakes TSA. This plan was prepared in response to expanding mountain pine beetle (MPB) mortality and salvage harvesting, with project support from the Morice & Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement (IFPA). A Higher Level Plan Order to establish landscape units and biodiversity objectives for the Lakes South portion of the district was prepared and became effective on September 1, 2003. This order included an objective for old growth forest retention through Old Growth Management Area (OGMA) establishment. However, actual OGMA establishment was deferred and only candidate OGMAs were to be considered until the MPB epidemic had passed. This order also recognized that the Morice & Lakes IFPA was developing a Lakes TSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan and committed to a review of the Lakes South SRMP after the SFM Plan was complete.
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