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Fish Passage Restoration Sites: 38km North Fork Spillimacheen FSR and Driftwood 02A, Driftwood River Road 41km
Bernat, Jean-Guy
In 1999, Naito Environmental reviewed a large number of closed bottom culverts along potentially fish bearing creeks within TFL #14.The Parker assessment score is 51 for this 900 mm diameter culvert. It was one of the highest priority crossings for restoration in the TFL #14. The 900 mm diameter culvert is a partial barrier to adult and juvenile fish due to high velocities at both inlet and outlet of culvert. The hydraulic drop at the outlet of the culvert was noted as 15 cm. It was also noted that the culvert was partially collapsed under the road. There were two culverts (800mm & 900mm) located at the one site. In the spring of 2009, KNRC assessed the stream reaches downstream and upstream of the culvert. Replacing the strucutre with an open bottom structure and conducting some in-stream work at the streams confluence would give access to approximately 2.1 km of good year round fish habitat.
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