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Radium Defined Forest Area Public Advisory Group (PAG) meetings
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Forest management throughout the world has been moving steadily toward multi-value approaches to sustainable development and management. Since 2003, Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) has been designing and testing an integrated framework for sustainable forest management across its divisions. Partnerships between licensees, academics, resource specialists, government agency staff and other related organizations have made the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Framework a credible alternative to current forest management planning in the Interior of British Columbia. In addition to sustainable forest management, the SFM Framework is the forest management strategy for the certification effort in Radium. The overall goal of this initiative has been the creation of a scientifically defensible, data-driven, locally derived, hierarchical approach to SFM that is operationally feasible at the local, divisional level. Built around the concept of multi-value sustainability, the Framework uses criteria and indicators as the guideposts for balanced, transparent forest management decisions. With clear spatial and temporal management criteria and indicators, resource managers can focus on achieving measurable and effective results for identified forest resource values. The Framework utilizes a linked hierarchical approach to planning to assist in achieving stated objectives. The overall Framework provides the rationale for the development of local SFM Plans. The linkage of the Framework document with localized SFM Plans ensures efficiencies in both development of management objectives and in the use of resources to develop local plans. While the public has been involved in testing some aspects of the SFM Framework and in helping develop some of the criteria and indicators of sustainability, local public input and assistance in development, and improvements, of SFM strategies is needed. The Public Advisory Group (PAG) provides advice to the proponents on values, goals, indicators and objectives that will be considered in the development and revision of the Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) for the Defined Forest Area. The Radium DFA Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) is the initial result of the application of SFM Framework. The SFMP is a ?work-in-progress? and will continue to evolve with new information and input from the PAG.
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Summary of the Canfor Radium Division Public Advisory Group meetings since inception
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