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Protected Reserves Analysis For Canfor?s Operating Area In the Invermere TSA
Forsite Consultants Ltd.
Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) is currently working to maintain CSA certification of their operating areas in the Invermere TSA and is considering certification under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This project is one of a series of projects that are assisting Canfor in preparing for potential certification under FSC. It is a refinement of the approach developed previously for Tembec Industries Inc. (Tembec) for its forest lands in the East Kootenays. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) B.C. Standards1 Principle 6.4 states that ?Representative samples of existing ecosystems within the landscape shall be protected in their natural state and recorded on maps, appropriate to the scale and intensity of operations and the uniqueness of the affected resources?. Criterion 6.4.1 goes on to require that: A network of protected reserves is established at multiple scales and managed within the management unit (see Guidance Material on planning). The reserve network: 1. Maintains key environmental values and options to reserve critical areas are not foreclosed by ongoing operations; 2. Is delineated on maps, and where applicable, includes mapping of dynamic reserves and dynamic reserve replacement areas; 3. Has written objectives for each reserve area related to that area's contribution to maintaining or restoring ecological integrity; and, 4. Meets the applicable minimum percentage area for ecosystem representation by BEC variant within the management unit, as determined by Table P6 - 1. This requirement under FSC aligns with several elements of Canfor?s Sustainable Forest Management Plan: Ecological Representation, Mature and Old Seral Forest Distribution, Habitat Elements, Designated Protected Areas and Special Sites, Riparian Management, Wildlife Tree Retention, etc. This project identified reserve networks in Canfor?s operating area in the Invermere TSA and then assessed representation against minimum targets set out by FSC in Table P6-1 (Appendix A). FSC?s minimum targets for a management unit are defined after evaluating the ?the level of representation of ecosystems in the broader landscape or region surrounding the management unit2.? Protected reserves that occur outside the management unit help to lower the requirement inside the management unit.
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Protected reserves analysis
Appendix C - Detailed Reserve Tables - Reserve Areas by Ecosection, Biogeoclimatic Variant, and reserve designation

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