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Panel Review of British Columbia's Drinking Water Protection Act
Drinking Water Review Panel
The Ministers of Water, Land and Air Protection and Health Services established an independent review panel in September 2001 to review the Drinking Water Protection Act, passed in April 2001. During the course of the review, the Panel became increasingly aware of the risks to drinking water sources and systems in BC: e.g. source protection is not adequate and may result in expensive water treatment infrastructure improvements, the province has the highest rate of disease outbreaks in Canada and the second oldest water system infrastructure. The Panel reached the conclusion that British Columbians are using too much water and paying too little for tap water. It is time that everyone paid the full price of protecting drinking water sources and building and maintaining the infrastructure needed to treat and deliver safe drinking water. The Panel's overall conclusion is that the province of British Columbia urgently needs the consolidated legislation that the Drinking Water Protection Act provides. The previous mix of legislation made great strides in improving drinking water systems. The Drinking Water Protection Act, with amendments recommended by the Panel, will extend this success into the protection of drinking water sources.
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