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Environmental Profiles: Guidelines to Help Industry Meet the Goals of the National Packaging Protocol
Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)
In 1990, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment adopted the National Packaging Protocol - a set of six policies aimed at minimizing the environmental effects of packaging and achieving a significant reduction in the amount of packaging sent for disposal. To meet the conditions of the Protocol's policy, a sub-committee with the National Task Force on Packaging (the sub-committee on life-cycle analysis) was mandated to develop guidelines that would help establish environmental profiles for packaging and packaging materials. This document presents the results of the work of the sub-committee on life-cycle analysis. The guidelines described herein provide a framework for collecting, measuring, and evaluating information that will enable companies to develop environmental profiles. It provides guidance on initiating a profile, conducting a system inventory, identifying specific reduction measures and implementing the reduction measures.
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Industry Packaging Guidelines - Part 1
Industry Packaging Guidelines - Part 2

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