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Conservation Framework Summary

Dicamptodon tenebrosus
Coastal Giant Salamander

Scientific Name: Dicamptodon tenebrosus
English Name: Coastal Giant Salamander
English Name Synonyms: Pacific Giant Salamander
Conservation Framework Outputs
Priority: Highest: 1
Goal 1: 5
Goal 2: 6
Goal 3: 1
Action Group: Compile Status Report
List under Wildlife Act
Habitat Protection
Habitat Restoration
Species and Population Management
Private Land Stewardship
Date Assessed: Mar 12, 2010
Conservation Framework Assessment Factors
Feasibility: H - High
Responsibility: 7 - <10% and localized
Disjunct: No
Range Collapse: No
Threat/Decline: Yes
Conservation Status: Global Status: G5 (Nov 2003)
Prov. Status: S2S3 (Dec 2016)

Please review the BC Conservation Status Report and BC Species Summary on BC Species and Ecosystem Explorer ( for more comprehensive information on Conservation Status and Legal Designations. For definitions of the data fields used in this summary report, please go to:

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B.C. Conservation Framework. 2018. Conservation Framework Summary: Dicamptodon tenebrosus. B.C. Minist. of Environment. Available: (accessed Sep 19, 2018).