Reports and References

for Salvelinus malma (Dolly Varden)

Reports from BC Conservation Data Centre

BC Species Summary

Reports from Other Databases

E-Fauna BC: Electronic Atlas of the Wildlife of British Columbia


Global Comprehensive Report (NatureServe Explorer)

Other Related References

Dolly Varden. 1999. B.C. Fish Facts. Conserv. Sect., Fish. Manage. Branch, B.C. Minist. Fish. 2pp.


Cross-Linked Information Resources (CLIR): an umbrella search web application that allows users to use a single window to simultaneously search six provincial environmental and natural resource information e-libraries and provides access to digital documents in these e-libraries.


HabitatWizard: a map based internet tool for government, industry, environmental professionals and interested users, that provides detailed spatial information about fish and fish habitat in BC. HabitatWizard links to provincial databases, providing information on fish observations, fish ranges, stream and lake physical information, the watershed atlas, reports, fish stocking records, and bathymetric maps.


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