British Columbia Licence Vendor Search

British Columbia Licence Vendors

This page allows you to search for vendors of B.C. Freshwater Fishing Licences and B.C. Hunting Licences as well as the Service BC Centres which dispense them. These locations can also provide a free copy of the British Columbia Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis or the British Columbia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

Note: Non-Resident / Non-Resident Alien Hunting Licences may only be purchased at Service BC Centres or via mail at Fish & Wildlife Branch, Ministry of Environment in Victoria (see Licences section for address). Non-Resident/Non-Resident Alien Angling Licences may be purchased from both Vendors, and Service BC Centres.

You can generate a listing by selecting the Licence Type, a Vendor Location, entering a Vendor Name or by selecting a Service BC Centre and clicking the Go button.

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* Service BC - access to government services made easy. Service BC links British Columbians and government services together by providing multi-channeled access to government services, programs, and information through the Service BC Contact Centre and 59 Service BC Centres throughout the province. Service BC is responsible for the management of Angling and Hunting Vendors and the sale of all basic, supplementary and duplicate licences and authorizations.

** Angling Licences may not be available from angling guides who operate resorts on a seasonal basis.