GATOR Search for Encumbrance Report by PIN

You must enter a Parcel Identification Number.   The wildcard symbol (%) cannot be used.   Additional Subdivision Parcel Filters can be entered (wilcard symbol (%) allowed) to narrow done search results.
Parcel Identification Number (PIN):   (eg. "148110")
  The Parcel Identification Number uniquely identifies a parcel.  More ...
Subdivision Parcel Filters:
    Plan Number:   (eg. "A775", "7377", "%FOLIO 647%")
  The Land Title Act Plan Number as registered in one of the Land Title Offices.
    Legal Description Substring:   (eg. "%BLOCK 10%", "%STONEY CREEK%")
  Allows the Legal Description to be searched using a partial description.  More ...
Tenure History: ON 
  Controls whether or not inactive tenures are shown the Interest Summary page.

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