GATOR Search for Wellsites by File, Name, Location

You must specifiy at least one search criteria.   The wildcard symbol (%) cannot be used in the File # field and all leading zeroes must be entered.  The wildcard symbol (%) can be used in the Name and Location fields.
File #:   (eg. "9620610", "0279909")
  A unique seven-digit file number generated to identify a Wellsite.  More ...
Name:   (eg. "STAR%", "%PARKLAND%")
  Each Wellsite is identified by a unique name.  More ...
Location:   (eg. For PRB: "7-8-79-18-W6M".   For PNG: "93-P-1-F-3-C")
  The geographic location of a Wellsite.  More ...
  There are two kinds of Wellsite: Petroleum and Natural Gas, Peace River Block.
Land District:
  An administrative descriptor or division that identifies an area in BC.  More ...
Tenure History: ON 
  Controls whether or not inactive tenures are shown the Interest Summary page.

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