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Search Criteria: Tube OR Tray #: EPC000998
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Plan Type: Mineral Title Plan
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Surveyor Plan #: V12132A-Posting-R4
Scale: 5000
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Cadastral Surveys
Act Method Confirmed Certified Cancelled Note Surveyor S. Status S. Firm
Mineral Tenure Act Field Survey 08-Feb-2013 File 0888533. Survey Of Portions Of Mining Leases 250140, 250141, 250142, 250143, Being Composed Of Portions Of District Lots 2310s, 3266, 3566, 3567, & 3586; And Portions Of District Lots 322s, 369s, 386s, 816, 2158s, 3568, 2429, All Of Sdyd Being The Common Boundary Between Hornby Bay Mineral Exploration Ltd. Royalty Claims And Copper Mountain Mining Ltd. Claims. Emily Freeman Active