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Plan Type: Mineral Title Plan
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Surveyor Plan #: V12132A
Scale: 5000
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Cadastral Surveys
Act Method Confirmed Certified Cancelled Note Surveyor S. Status S. Firm
Mineral Tenure Act Field Survey 04-Sep-2013 File: 0888619. Survey Plan Of Portions Of Mining Leases 250139 & 250146 Composed Of Portions Of District Lots 2264s, 2017s, 3195s, 2048s, 2630s, 2578s, 2292s, 2006s, 2010s, 374s, 2014s, 2001s, 2291s, 2301s; And Legacy Claims Bem No 1(250185), Bem No 3 (250186), Portions Of Bem No 5 (250187) & Bem No 7 (250188), All Of Sdyd This Survey Plan Is A Perimeter Survey. Morgan Stewart Retired