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Plan Type: Mineral Title Plan
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Surveyor Plan #: 2113-03562-00
Scale: 5000
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Cadastral Surveys
Act Method Confirmed Certified Cancelled Note Surveyor S. Status S. Firm
Mineral Tenure Act Field Survey 06-May-2019 File 0889138. Nyrstar Myra Falls-Mineral Tenure Act Survey Of Mineral Claims Numbered 201366 Through 201381, 201403 Through 201410, 201412 Through 201415, 201459 Through 201465, 201486 Through 201488, 201491 Through 201492, 201494 Through 201495 Inclusive, Clayoquot District. No Pins Linked To Plan Epc1783. Robert Yates Active Mcelhanney Consulting Services Ltd.