GeoBC maintains a library of more than 2.5 million air photos on original film. Use the air photo search form on this page to find photos from the present back to 1963. You can search by British Columbia Geographical System (BCGS) or National Topographic System (NTS) mapsheet, by latitude and longitude coordinates, by civic address, or even by a geographical feature name. If you wish to find the coverage of a specific film roll or frame you can do that too.

To find air photos from before 1963, use the historical air photo index map form. To order air photos from before 1963, follow the instructions here.

The orthophoto search form will help you find ortho-rectified image tiles from GeoBC's collection of more than 15,000 orthophotos, dating back to 1995.

You can get air photo centre, air photo index map, or orthophoto search results as an HTML table, an Excel spreadsheet, or, if you have Google Earth installed, as a .kml file which will show the centre location of each image against a backdrop of BC. Air photo index maps can also be viewed or downloaded as .pdf files.

Where a digital version of an image exists, a low-resolution version (1/16th size) is available for instant viewing, download, or printing. Full-resolution versions of the images may also be purchased.