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Report: Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) for Howe Sound Islands- Bowen, Gambier, Keats, Anvil and other Associated Islands

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This project synthesizes results of bioterrain and terrestrial ecosystem mapping of Howe Sound including CWHxm1, CWHdm, and CWHvm2 biogeoclimatic sub zones.

Author:  Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.

Old Reference Number:  4929

Old Reference System:  BAPID

Date Published:  Oct 2009

Report ID:  40896

Audience:  Government and Public

This report presents the results of Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) of the Howe Sound Islands, which are situated in the Coastal Western Hemlock (CWH) biogeoclimatic zone of southwestern British Columbia. The study area covers 13,968 hectares across four main islands (Bowen, Gambier, Anvil and Keats) located at the entrance to the Squamish River, between Greater Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast Regional Districts. Terrain and ecosystem mapping, field sampling and air photo interpretations were complete at a scale of 1:10,000 using the appropriate provinicial standard and methods (RISC 1996, 1998a, 2000, 2002 and 2004). The original polygon estimation for the study area was 1,200 based on 1:16,000 mapping scale and a study area of 12,000 hectares. Our final product mapped a total of 2,017 forested, non-forested and anthropogenic polygons for the Howe Sound study area, covering 13,968 hectares.

Report Type
  Terrestrial Information

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