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Report: Final Report Aq am Ecosystem Enhancement Project, COL-F20-W-3026

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5-year Ecosystem Enhancement project will apply forest thinning and prescribed fire to enhance ecosystem function and restore natural processes to over 1,300 hectares of habitat on lands forming Kootenay Indian Reserve No. 1 (Kootenay IR 1). Classified as a Natural Disturbance Type 4 ecosystem, these lands historically saw frequent, stand-maintaining fires consume fine fuels and revitalize plant communities for the benefit of wildlife forage, nesting and travel corridors.

Author:  Sonja Seher

Old Reference Number:  COL-F20-W-3026

Old Reference System:  FWCP - Fish Wildlife Compensation Program Columbia

Date Published:  Jun 2020

Report ID:  58893

Audience:  Government and Public

A century of fire suppression has seen these fires (both cultural and natural) removed from the landscape resulting in overstocking, grassland encroachment and an overall loss in ecosystem function for wildlife Species at Risk. 2019-2020 marked the first year of this multi-year project. Activities in this year focused on pre-treatment data collection, analysis and treatment planning, including: Archaeological Overview Assessment, Species at Risk Inventory, Effectiveness Monitoring Plot Installation, Wildlife Tree Assessment, Invasive Plant Inventory, Block Boundary and Road Layout, and Prescription Development. Goals and objectives for Ecosystem Enhancement works are consistent with the Columbia Region Upland & Dryland Action Plan (FWCP 2019), including ecosystem and species-level (American badger, Lewiss Woodpecker) objectives. Treatment prescriptions completed in 2020 for 522 hectares by mechanical and hand thinning will be applied in 2020-2021, benefitting elk, deer and wildlife species at risk populations by increasing suitable winter range, nesting/foraging habitat and improving/creating corridors for travel. Baseline data from long-term effectiveness monitoring plots will be used to monitor the success of treatments. American badgers and active badger sign were not observed in the project area during 2019 surveys, but badgers are believed to traverse the project area to access other, higher value habitats adjacent to Lands: Year Two treatments will help unimpeded movement of badgers through the project area. The site is not currently consistent with ideal habitat for Lewiss Woodpecker, and limited observations of the species were found in 2019. As the species is known to utilize other adjacent sites and areas on Lands, it is anticipated that woodpeckers will readily move into newly available habitat following treatment. In conclusion, Year One activities supported through the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, including baseline inventory, stratification, layout and prescription development were critical first steps to planning the treatment and evaluating success of ecosystem enhancement project activities to take place in Years Two through Five of this project to restore ecosystem function and natural processes on this unique landscape.

Report Type
  Terrestrial Information
  Birds - Lewis' Woodpecker: Melanerpes lewis
  Mammals - Badger: Taxidea taxus
  Region - Kootenay
  Terrestrial Information - Restoration

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