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Report: Non-Game Enhancement Project 2019-20 Activity Report FLNRORD - FWCP Section COL-F20-W-3014-DCA

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Non-Game Enhancement includes a group of long-term enhancement projects developed to benefit populations of non-game species and to enhance their habitats. Species that benefit from project actions include amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds that are provincially or federally listed at risk and have been impacted by reservoir habitat losses. Non-game enhancement projects focus on critical habitat features that are important for each species reproduction and/ or survival including roosting,

Author:  Irene Manley

Old Reference Number:  COL-F20-W-3014-DCA

Date Published:  Mar 2020

Report ID:  59023

Audience:  Government and Public

F20 Non-game Enhancement completed 8 projects on 7 different non-game species. Townsends Big-eared Bat maternity roost monitoring was completed in the East Kootenay. Fencing at a Highway underpass was maintained to reduce Badger Mortality in the East Kootenay. Lewis Woodpecker nest sites were monitored in the West Kootenay with a total of 15 nest sites documented. The summit Lake Western Toad project included Highway surveys, tagging 431 toads, installing over 600 m of Animex toad fencing, and the annual Toadfest public event. Turtle nesting areas were maintained and monitored at Argenta and Elizabeth Lake. Turtle production was very low at both sites in 2019. This was largely due to predation at Elizabeth Lake.

Report Type
  Terrestrial Information
  Amphibians & Reptiles - Northern Leopard Frog: Lithobates pipiens
  Amphibians & Reptiles - Painted Turtle: Chrysemys picta
  Amphibians & Reptiles - Western Toad: Bufo boreas
  Birds - Common loon - Gavia immer
  Birds - Lewis' Woodpecker: Melanerpes lewis
  Mammals - Bats
  Mammals - Badger: Taxidea taxus
  Region - Kootenay
  Watershed Groups - 300 - Columbia
  Program Specific Area - Kootenay Compensation Program

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