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Predicting development and productivity of southern interior mixed species stands through calibration and modeling
Simard, Suzanne W.
In this project, we have completed an initial calibration of the SORTIE-BC stand dynamics model for mixed stands in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock (ICH) zone of southern interior British Columbia. To do this, we have quantified, for an initial subsample, the growth response of juvenile trees (<10 cm diameter) growing under a range of light environments, characterized the probability of juvenile tree mortality, and investigated the effects of competition on the growth and survival of adult trees (>10cm diameter). In 2003 and 2004, we collected this information for paper birch, western redcedar, and western hemlock. We then used this data to calibrate SORTIE-BC for southern interior ICH mixtures, using northern interior data where southern interior data gaps still exist. With the re-calibrated model, we have done a preliminary examination of how complex stands respond to clearcutting and variable retention harvest. Results of the preliminary simulations will be used to guide field sampling for the next season. Suzanne Simard.
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