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Channel assessments of selected watersheds within TFL 52
Forest Information Systems Ltd.
At the request of West Fraser Mills Ltd., assessments of six basins within TFL 52 were initiated in November, 2005, using the Channel Assessment Procedure (CAP). This procedure is an objective methodology used to identify disturbed channels in a consistent and repeatable process. The six basins (Table I) were selected based on their Equivalent Clearcut Areas and/or the extent of current and planned beetle salvage. The basins are located east of Quesnel, mostly within TFL 52. The basins drain into the Cottonwood River. Several different types of assessments have been completed for some of these basins which address forest management concerns. The objectives of this project are to: 1. determine the channel integrity and hydrological stability of the watersheds by assessing the cumulative hydrological effects of past forest management activities and other disturbances, such as fire and insect infestation; 2. monitor hydrological values of the Cottonwood River watershed, which was identified as a target in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan (CCLUP) 90 Day Implementation Process; and 3. provide documentation of baseline conditions for comparison with the results of future assessments/monitoring. The mainstems of the basins are characterized primarily as erodable, low gradient and small. Significant portions of the mainstems of Victoria Creek, Chiaz Creek, Sovereign Creek and Katherine Creek are classified stream fen wetland. Changes to channel morphology were determined by examining historical air photographs and conducting field assessments. Four of the basins had low Channel Impact Values, and two had medium values. A major source of the impacts on channel morphology was placer mining activity. prepared by John Berry.
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Channel Assessments Report
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