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Modeling Natural Regeneration in Mountain Pine Beetle Impacted Stands
Zumrawi, Abdel-Azim
The principal focus of this project is to collect overstory and understory tree data for MPB-attacked stands to augment limited data collected by Natural Resources Canada. This project is designed to augment an associated project, funded for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 fiscal years by Natural Resources Canada (NRC) involving most of the research team. The existing NRC dataset is very limited, and new data on regeneration and overstory variables in MPB-affected stands is needed to provide reasonable estimates of regeneration for use in yield projections following attack. The emphasis in this study is on identifying and sampling lodgepole pine-leading stands that were impacted by the MPB infestation of the late 1970s and early 1980s, examining regeneration 15 or more years following attack, and also stands that are more recently attacked. The intent is to augment data collected by Natural Resources Canada from stands that were attacked by MPB in the 1980s, by spreading the sampling over a considerably wider range of site and stand conditions. These data are being added to an MPB-affected stands database on regeneration for use with PrognosisBC. The data will also be made available for other models, in particular, SORTIE-ND. Data collection in Year 1 of this project (M075015) was conducted on stands attacked by the MPB in the early 1980's and late 1990s in the vicinity of Williams Lake. In the second year of this project, we propose to sample similar stands in the vicinity of Kamloops. This will extend the regeneration database that is being built for MPB-attacked to a series of subzone/variants for which there is little data at present. This, in turn, will allow the incorporation of natural regeneration into projections of future stand development for these stands.
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