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Critical information for policy development and management of non-timber forest products in British Columbia: baseline studies on economic value and compatible management (executive summary)
Cocksedge, Wendy
The purpose of this research is to assist forest managers to increase total forest value by establishing a better understanding of the economic value of the Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) sector and the potential for compatible management of B.C. forests for both timber and NTFP values. The project start date was April 14, 2005, end date March 31, 2006; funding came from the Forest Science Program of the Forest Investment Account. In addition to a review of relevant literature, information on compatible management was gathered through a survey developed and distributed to approximately 3500 people throughout BC and to a limited extent, to people in other regions of Canada and the US. Quantitative responses from the 287 surveys submitted were analyzed and compared and qualitative answers, together with information collected from interviews with 27 survey respondents, were used to provide summaries, explanations and clarifications of the quantitative answers. The methodology for the commercial activity sub-project included exploring the literature for NTFP economic valuation to determine the most feasible options for estimating values for the various provincial, regional and local levels. To develop an analytical framework for data collection, nodes and chains from producer-to-consumer were evaluated and data gaps identified. Analysis of available trade statistics, expert interviews and on-line surveys provided estimates of the economic contribution of floral greens and wild mushroom ? the two major commercial NTFPs in BC. Results from a mushroom harvester survey in BC incorporated other socio-economic information about the harvesting, market trends and government?s involvement from a harvester?s viewpoint. In order to assess a fuller range of NTFP value on a regional basis, a randomized mail survey to 1500 residents of East Kootenay Regional District yielded 200 responses and provided information on the nature and range of both commercial and personal use of NTFPs, their economic contribution, and a profile of NTFP harvesters in the region. Wendy Cocksedge and Tom Hobby.
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