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Chase Creek hydrologic assessment: impact of mountain pine beetle : infestations on peak flows (Including Application of the Ministry of Forests? Extension Note 67)
Dobson Engineering Ltd.
In the spring of 2004, hydrometric stations were established (According to Provincial RISC Standards) at both Upper Chase Creek and Charcoal Creek. Finding suitable locations to install the stations near the mouths was difficult due to channel conditions. On Upper Chase Creek the most suitable location was at the Chase Irrigation District weir pond (upstream from the Chase Falkland Hwy Bridge Crossing). Permission was granted from the District operators to install a stilling well at eh concrete abutment near the headgate to the Pillar Lake diversion. The Chase Falkland Hwy bridge at Charcoal Creek was a suitable location to install a stilling well, and permission was granted by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways to install the stilling well against the bridge abutment. prepared for Riverside Forest Products Limited and Tolko Industries Ltd., by Dobson Engineering Ltd.
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Chase Creek Hydrometric Assessment
2004 Annual Report

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