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Assessment and Prioritization of Stream Crossings for Fish Passage Through Closed Bottom Structures in the Fraser Canyon Forest Management Unit
Lange, Justin
Safe fish passage through closed bottom structures, such as culverts, is vital to ensure fish have access to available habitat in the upper reaches of stream crossed by forest service roads. If installed incorrectly, or degraded overtime, CBS can prevent fish from passing culvert road crossings. Perched culverts prevent access if they are higher than a fishs ability to jump; improper sizing , slope and lack of stream bed simulation within a culvert pose a barrier to fish by increasing stream flow velocity. These conditions could also have a negative affect on other aquatic fauna and thereby reduce the overall function of the aquatic ecosystem resulting in a decline inthe quality of fish habitat for each stage inthe fish lifecycle.
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Fraser Canyon Project Completion Abstract
Final Report
Map - Fraser Canyon - Central
Map - Fraser Canyon - Northeast
Map - Fraser Canyon - Northwest
Map - Fraser Canyon - South

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