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Integrated Riparian Assessment for Tembec in the East Kootenay, British Columbia
Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd.
Tembec Inc. (Tembec) has developed a Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) and is pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on its forest lands in the East Kootenays in south-eastern British Columbia. The management of riparian areas under FSC in British Columbia requires that riparian ecosystems and their functions be maintained or restored (FSC BC Regional Standards 2005; Criterion 6.5bis) as follows: 6.5.bis1 The manager maintains and/or restores riparian functions along rivers, streams, wetlands, lakeshores and marine shores by: a) completing an integrated riparian assessment for the management unit, or each riparian assessment unit within the management unit, according to the framework found in Appendix B (Riparian Management), or if not, in a manner that meets the intent and addresses all the issues raised in the framework; and, b) implementing a riparian management regime that is consistent with the results of the assessment and meets or exceeds the retention budgets for Reserve Zones and Management Zones specified in Table 3 of Appendix B (Requirements for Riparian Management). The Integrated Riparian Assessment was developed in order to meet this standard. This volume is the first of seven comprising the Integrated Riparian Assessment for Tembec?s operating areas in the East Kootenay, British Columbia. It contains the strategic overview, literature review, and scientific rationale for the detailed riparian assessments found in Volumes 2 through 7. Volume 1 also outlines the rationale behind the division of Tembec?s operating area into six riparian regions and 34 riparian assessment units, and the methodology used to calculate the current amount of riparian buffer areas relative to the requirements in the FSC-BC standard for each riparian assessment unit. Volumes 2 through 7, listed below, contain detailed riparian assessments for each of the riparian assessment units. These assessments include background information on each unit, the key values within the unit, riparian management strategies for the streams, lakes, and wetlands in that unit, as well as the results of the current condition budget analysis for that unit. Maps of the key values and current condition analysis are also available in digital form for each unit. These volumes are: Volume 2: Northern Purcell (TFL 14) Volume 3: Central Purcell Volume 4: South Purcell Volume 5: Central Rocky Mountain Volume 6: North Elk Volume 7: South Elk
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