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Silviculture Prescription Data Collection Field Handbook: Interpretive Guide for Data Collection, Site Stratification, and Sensitivity Evaluation for Silviculture Prescriptions
Curran, M.P.
This guide is a technical support document intended to help forestry practitioners collect the information they need to prepare a silviculture treatment regime and silviculture prescription in accordance with Forest Practices Code legislation. It deals primarily with the collection and stratification of site-specific field data. It has been designed to promote consistent collection of field data on Field Forms FS 39A and FS 39B. This guide is not meant to be a substitute for education, training, or experience in the field. The use of this guide is not a statutory requirement and much of the data described in it is not directly required by legislation. An individual practicing due diligence, however, will collect appropriate information to develop site-specific prescriptions and the accompanying forms have proven quite popular for this data collection.
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Land Management Handbook 47 (complete document)
cover to page 37 (Downloads in 4 parts)
page 38 to page 63
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