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Economic Operability Mapping of the Prince George Timber Supply Area
Timberline Natural Resource Group Ltd.
The Prince George Timber Supply Areas (TSA) has suffered a prolonged and widespread outbreak of Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) which will have economic and environmental impacts for decades to come. The long-term impacts will be evaluated during the upcoming Timber Supply Review process, which will lead to a new allowable annual cut (AAC) determination for the TSA in 2009. In advance of that process there is opportunity to provide a comprehensive review of the operability so that the growth and harvesting of pine stands can be realistically modelled. The delineation of the economically operable land base is a key step in the netdown process that defines the timber harvesting land base (THLB). The derivation of the THLB, in turn, is a significant component of the Data Package ? the document that describes all of the data that will be used in the timber supply analysis process. In the last formal timber supply analysis for the Prince George TSA, nearly 600,000 ha (12% of the crown forested land base) were removed from the THLB based on economic or operability criteria (inoperable ? physical, inoperable ?economic, unmerchantable ? mature, unmerchantable ? immature)1, highlighting the importance of sound and defensible economic operability information.
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