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Geomorphology of Vancouver Island: Extended Legends to Nine Thematic Maps
Guthrie, R. H.
The Geomorphology of Vancouver Island is a series of nine 1:100 000 based thematic maps that collectively describe the physical nature of Vancouver Island. The maps are printed at two convenient scales: 1:400,000 and 1:250,000 that allow the island to be viewed on one or two E-sized plots (measuring 34 by 44 inches on a plotter). The nine thematic maps are: 1. Vancouver Island Bedrock Geology Map 2. Vancouver Island Surficial Geology Map 3. Vancouver Island Coastal Geomorphology Map 4. Vancouver Island Fluvial Processes Map 5. Vancouver Island Gullying Map 6. Vancouver Island Snow Avalanche Map 7. Vancouver Island Karst Potential Map 8. Vancouver Island Wetlands and Organic Soils Map 9. Vancouver Island Mass Wasting Map Different levels of analysis are tied to each theme, from high levels of analysis (Mass Wasting and Coastal Geomorphology, for example) to no analysis (compilations of the Bedrock Geology and Wetlands and Organic Soils, for example). The extended legends in this report give some idea of the level of analysis and the implications, source data, and references for additional reading. The Mass Wasting Map is the subject of a separate report.
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RR 02
Vancouver Island expanded legends
Appendix. VI expanded legend maps (compressed)

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