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Warbler Breeding Bird Survey for the South Peace
Ecofor Consulting Ltd.
A modified Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) project was initiated in 2008, within West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd (West Fraser) operating areas in Northeast British Columbia. The survey targeted mixedwood leading forest polygons within the following Landscape Units; Upper Moberly, Lower Moberly, Gwillim/Moose, Pine, Bearhole and a small portion of the Wolverine Landscape Unit that is not located within TFL48. The goals of the project focused on identifying the presence/absence of four target warbler species, Bay Breasted Warbler (BBWA), the Black Throated Green Warbler (BTGW), Cape May Warbler (CMWA) and Canada Warbler (CAWA) within candidate habitat types. Additional goal included the identification of suitable habitat transects for future BBS projects within the Landscape Units. The Breeding Bird Survey Project (BBS) was designed to followed Canadian Breeding Bird Survey Procedures and Resource Inventory Committee Standards (RISC). In 2008, a total of 22 transects (66 point count stations) were established within two study areas in the vicinity of Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd and Moberly Lake. Transects were designed to target mixedwood stands and deciduous leading stands with spruce components. A few pine dominant stands were also targeted in the study. The project was designed as a Presence/Absence survey along transects identified in suitable habitat types for key warblers of interest. No detailed full species recording at point count stations was incorporated into this overview study. Only two (CAWA, BTGW) of the four target warbler species were recorded during the survey. No records of the CMWA or BBWA were recorded during the survey; however suitable habitat polygons were identified. No species listed under the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) were recorded during the survey. There were no recordings of Red-listed species and 17 recordings of Blue-listed species during the 2008 study. The study identified suitable habitat transects for more detailed BBS point counts studies within West Fraser BC Peace Operating area.
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