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Sediment budgets of community watersheds in the southern interior: Cranbrook city watershed
Jordan, Peter
This report describes research activities in 2003-04, the third year of a 5-year project on sediment budgets and runoff processes in the Gold Creek community watershed near Cranbrook, BC. Objectives of the project include investigation of the physical processes of runoff generation and sediment production, and the effects of forest management practices on these processes and on water quality. Streamflow, turbidity, and suspended sediment data were collected at four hydrometric stations installed previously. Snow accumulation and sediment source data were also collected. Results for this year showed near-average snowmelt runoff, an exceptionally dry summer, and low sediment yield compared to average conditions. Detailed mapping of terrain and bedrock geology was conducted in 2003, and helps explain the observations on groundwater control of runoff made in previous years. This year?s data and results will contribute to conclusions and extension products in the final year of the study. Peter Jordan, Joe Alcock.
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