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WESBOGY site measurement in the Dawson Creek TSA
Highland Forestry
The objective of this project is to create a digital form of ecological data collected on the WESBOGY plots establish in the Dawson Creek TSA. The data collection platform is based on the Alberta system of ecological classification. This system was chosen in order to standardise the data across all installations. Every province has their own system and is different from each other, so the first challenge is to learn the Alberta system. Challenge number two is to create a digital reporting form that will display the data effectively. There are various software programs available, most very cumbersome; WESBOGY has opted to go with a tabular style. This was originally created in Access which I found very difficult to use. I opted for the Excel version. The system seems to work alright I made a few changes which are summarised below; mostly there is too much detail. Nobody will be collecting the carbonate level of mottles in the parent material; this is a laboratory procedure and is far beyond the scope of site description. Many of the headers used in the various tables should be eliminated. There are four tables to be completed. Generally the tables are to be filled out for each mensuration plot. This is far too much work, I have 6 ecological plots installed and therefore filled out the tables for each of the eco plots, then provided an additional table which correlates the mensuration plot with the eco plot.
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WESBOGY Ecological Data Entry Summary
WESBOGY Journal - Spring 2009
WESBOGY Journal - Fall 2009

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