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A species-level test of ecological representation in the Arrow TSA: distribution and density of birds in spring and winter : final technical report for project R04-056
Howard, Kathy
Over the past 4 years, the Arrow IFPA engaged in research that quantified the coarse-filter contribution that different landbase types (i.e., non-harvestable and harvestable landbases) make towards ecological representation in the West Kootenays. The purpose of this research was to determine how well the non-harvestable landbase represents the harvestable landbase. Previous research found significant differences in habitat elements (e.g., coarse woody debris and snags) between the harvestable and non-harvestable landbase, however, it was not known if these differences in habitat structure are biologically meaningful to the organisms that depend on them. Using breeding birds as indicator species, this study compared the community similarity and species abundance between the harvestable and non-harvestable landbases in the study area. The study found that there are biologically meaningful differences between ecological function in the harvestable and non-harvestable landbases in the Arrow TSA.. Jim Herbers et al.
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Final Technical Report
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Birds as Indicators of Ecosystem Representation (Extension Note)

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