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Biomedical Wastes in British Columbia: Appendices to the Report of the British Columbia Task Force on Biomedical Waste Management
Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Health
In response to serious concerns about the management of biomedical wastes in British Columbia, the Deputy Ministers of Environment and Health formed a task force in October 1987 to investigate the situation and to recommend a broad biomedical waste system for the Province. This report describes the work of the British Columbia Task Force on Biomedical Waste Management. The key areas that were examined in the report were; (1) Biomedical waste definitions, classification, sources, hazards and impacts, (2) Survey of non-governmental stakeholder activities and needs, (3) Task force questionnaire survey, (4) Inventory of biomedical waste in BC, (5) Biomedical waste handling, storage, treatment and disposal, (6) Legislative and regulatory biomedical waste controls, (7) General biomedical guides, (8) Regulatory agency administrative activities and (9) a summary of reports on biomedical wastes.
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Biomedical Waste Appendices - Part 1
Biomedical Waste Appendices - Part 2
Biomedical Waste Appendices - Part 3

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