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Habitat assessment and restoration opportunities for Palmerston Creek
M.C. Wright and Associates
Palmerston Creek has been severely affected by sediment input from natural and anthropogenic events in and around the watershed. These affects have resulted in negative repercussions with respect to fish and fish habitat. The overall objectives of this project were to; ? Identify the bottle neck(s) for fish production and ? Identify restoration opportunities to increase the productive capacity of the Palmerston Creek watershed. In January 2007, a fish habitat assessment was conducted on Palmerston Creek. The project was funded by Forest Investment Account (FIA) through BC Timber Sales Strait of Georgia Business Area. Specific objectives of the assessment were to: ? Describe channel morphology and important fluvial processes ? Quantify and describe fish habitat ? Identify and quantify negative impacts and disturbances ? Identify fish habitat restoration opportunities The project was conducted by M.C. Wright & Associates. Previous study information, aerial photographs and stream assessments were used to determine areas of concern and potential restoration opportunities. submitted by M.C. Wright and Associates.
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