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Integrating timber and wildlife in forest landscapes: a matter of scale: proceedings of the habitat futures workshop at pack experimental forest, Eatonville, Washington, October 16-20, 1989
Nyberg, J.B.
Demands for better management of timber and wildlife continue to increase in Canada and the United States. As resource managers attempt to meet those demands they face ever more complicated decisions about forestry practices and land allocation. Researchers and managers throughout the continent are developing new conceptual approaches and technologies for evaluating habitat relations and guiding decisions about integrated forest management. The Habitat Futures workshops have proven to be stimulating forums for exchanging ideas and constructively criticizing evolving tools and techniques for integrating timber and wildlife. The papers in this publication are the product of the second Habitat Futures workshop, held in October, 1989 at the University of Washington's Pack Experimental Forest. The focus of Habitat Futures is on the Pacific Northwest region of North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, but some of the tools and techniques have wider applications. The degree of development of the different tolls and techniques described here varies. Some have been developed sufficiently for trial use in integrated management; others are still largely conceptual and should be fully tested before operational application. Nevertheless, all the publications provide sufficient detail for discussion, refinement, and potential modification for application to other areas.
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