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Loon and Lutely works
Milne, Michael J.
Roads treated as part of this project were determined through overview analysis to be moderate, high or very high risk with respect to resources at stake. Priority roads were constructed in the late 1960's to access high value timber on and upstream of the Loon and Lutely Creek alluvial fans. Permanent deactivation was prescribed on 1.1km road to address the issues. Hazards include: road related stream diversions and erosion of road running surfaces. A diversion of Lutely Creek down road Lutely 1 in the spring of 1972 resulted in the loss of a permanent structure at a resort on Mahood Lake. Diversion of Loon Creek in 2007 and 2008 resulted in damage to private property including driveway erosion and flooding of outbuildings. None of the roads in the project traverse areas of Class IV or V terrain. No prior work of a similar nature had been done on any road in this project.
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