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Integrated riparian assessment for Tembec's East Kootenay operating areas
Forsite Consultants Ltd.
The primary goal of this document is to provide strategic direction to forest planners implementing riparian retention at the operational level such that the result maintains riparian values and meets the intent of the FSC BC Standard. We have endeavoured to provide guidelines that maintain or restore healthy riparian ecosystems consistent with natural range of variability concepts. This project was divided into three separate phases, each with their own objectives: Phase 1: Riparian Values Assessment - Compile a list/description of biological and physical values associated with riparian conditions that are likely to be present in East Kootenay watersheds and examine how riparian management can influence each value (vulnerabilities). Phase 2: Development of Riparian Strategies - 1. Stratify Tembec?s operating area into management regions with similar values and geophysical attributes such that a common riparian management strategy can be applied within each region. 2. Develop riparian management strategies/guidelines for each region relative to the values/issues present. Phase 3: Develop and Pilot Current Condition Assessment Methodology - Develop a process for assessing ?current condition? relative to FSC requirements within a given Riparian Assessment Unit (subunits of the management regions defined in Phase 2). This will involve defining the scale of assessment units, developing a means to determine the riparian budget for the unit, and then developing a means to assess current retention levels against the budget. Forsite Consultants Ltd., Pandion Ecological Research Ltd., Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd.
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Integrated Riparian Assessment
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