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Proposed coarse woody debris data management system
Meggs, Jeffrey M.
Objectives of this project include: 1. Develop a CWD survey method which is cost effective while still gathering sufficient data to determine the amount, quality distribution and effectiveness of CWD by cutblock. 2. Propose a method for tracking CWD information by cutblock and biogeoclimatic variant over time. 3. Propose cost effective techniques for harvest and silviculture operators on how to complete their harvest and silviculture obligatios while still maintaining effective CWD. 4. Prepare a cost effective method for estimating potential CWD at preharvest. 5. Prepare a training package that will include a description of CWD, how to measure CWD, how to estimate potential CWD at preharvest and how to leave CWD on site during harvest and silviculture operations. 6. Present training materials to appropriate staff in three training sessions. prepared by Jeff Meggs, Ruth Lloyd and Melissa Todd.
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