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Fish Passage Inventory - Phase 1
DWB Forestry Services Ltd.
This project includes Phase1 of Fish Passage Culvert Inventory Project as detailed in the Fish Passage Protocol for Culverted Sites. Phase 1 of a Fish Passage Culvert Inventory project includes a watershed-based approach to determine how many streams crossing found within an area have the potential for fish passage issues. This project focuses on crossing that are located on fish-bearing streams and contain a closed-bottom structure. Therefore to produce a list fo these potentioal crossings, every crossing must be identified in the project area. All crossings with known open-bottom structures are eliminated, as well as any drainage that has been confirmed to be non-fish bearung or contain no fish habitat at the crossing, or immediately upstream of it. All remaining crossings must then be accessed in the field. The elimination of crossings will increase the efficiency of Phase 2 and will prevent any further unnecessary assessment at these sites with regards to fish passage.
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Fish passage inventory
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