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TFL 25 Block 2 Stafford and Apple Watersheds, Watershed Indicators
Horel, Glynnis
This project will develop a number of watershed related overview inventories to provide the basis for watershed restoration planning as well as for watershed indicators: 1. Stability hazard ratings for all road segments with a moderate or higher hazard of fillslope instability, and sediment delivery potential to fish for road segments with a moderate or higher stability hazard rating (RP roads funded by WFP; nonstatus roads funded by FIA); 2. Stream channel type (alluvial, semi-alluvial, nonalluvial) and identified streams on alluvial fans, for all streams in WFP?s GIS inventory; 3. Riparian condition and function for alluvial and semi-alluvial streams that are not S6?s; 4. A landslide inventory (funded by WFP). This portion of the project falls under Article 4 ?Planning Projects?, in the FIA Activity Standards for Road Deactivation, Landslide and Gully Rehabilitation Projects.
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Watershed Indicators Report
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